Pottery from the Csík region has a millenial tradition. Even the nature has experimented with burning clay. The fire of the hot magma, coming from the depths of the Hargita mountains, has burned the layers of clay in its way, creating ceramics- like rocks. Perhaps even our ancestors living in the Csík region have learned the secret of how to burn clay. You can barely find a village in Csík not being sorrounded by ancient terracotta of varied shapes and ornamentation. Sherds of large silos, cauldron and pots remind us of the vessels used by the prehistoric man.
The famous crockery from Csík was sought after even at the beginning of the last century.
It is this rich tradition of pottery that we have been following for over twenty years now.
Our products, in the form of plain or glazed terracotta, follow the rich tradition of Csík pottery.
Through the use of Csík crockery, the refined and forgotten tastes of ancient food culture and gastronomy can be revealed.

We can gain new flavours by letting the steam of different ingredients simmer through the walls of the crockery.

Our pots and casseroles bring an unforgettable experience to those who love traditional flavours but also qualify for reform kitchen dishes.

Our flower pots and decoration items will fulfill the needs of those who enjoy plants and beautiful interiors.